Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Animals in Golf

We are in a bit of a Sports/Animals theme with the NCAA National Championships. (To be fair, we need to say "Congratulations Lady Vols" for your win yesterday!) This week hosts another "major" sporting event that incorporates many animal phrases and references in the game. From its scoring to its history to its playing layout and surfaces, animal terms abound. The game's greatest player is even named Tiger. Of course I'm talking about The Masters.

Legend has it that golf was invented by bored shepherds in Scotland. While tending their flocks, the shepherds would occupy themselves by using their crooks to whack rocks into distant rabbit holes. As happens with humans, the pastime became competitive and the most addictive and frustrating of all sports was born.

Think you're the only one who has snuck away from work to grab a quick 9 holes? James II, King of Scotland, forced an Act of Parliament in 1457 banning golf. Seems his archers and soldiers were too busy playing the game to attend to their military training. Even so, to actually ban the sport offends my Scottish sensibilities. Probably why neither the ban, nor James II lasted for very long.

So "Thank You" to the astoundingly placid nature of sheep. Their unvaried, daily grazing gave the shepherds plenty of empty time. And "Thank You" to rabbits. Their proliferation provided plenty of chances for a "hole in one."

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