Sunday, April 13, 2008

Animals in Golf

Did you see what Tiger Woods did Friday at The Masters? His drive from the 18th tee went way, way right. He landed in the jungle, in the straw, in the trees. There was no way he could use his power or his skill to get out of this mess. Even Tiger Woods can’t drive a golf ball through a tree. So, Tiger used his brains. He hit the ball onto the 10th Fairway. Tenth fairway, you say? Wasn’t Tiger playing the 18th hole? (Obviously he’s been watching how much success I have playing multiple fairways.) Tiger's next shot went from the 10th Fairway to the 18th gree. He made par. Amazing.

Today, Sunday, the last day of The Masters tournament, Tiger Woods is 6 strokes behind the leader. That seems a lot of ground to make up. But, here is your animal fact for the day: Tigers are most successful when they catch their prey from behind!

Tiger Woods is not the only Professional Golfer to be nicknamed after an animal. Can you tell me the real names of the following players? (I’m including Tiger because that wasn’t his given name at birth.) Give them your best shot. Meanwhile I’m going to be working on my short game with this way fun desktop course. (Who says you can't play golf when it's raining?) Answers on Monday!

1. Tiger
2. The Walrus
3. Pink Panther
4. The Golden Bear
5. Big Cat
6. Great White Shark

Check out the Luck of the Leader, Trevor Immelman.

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