Friday, April 11, 2008

Animals in Golf

I knew you were brilliant. Thank you "Miss Mil" for the info about Frog Hair. I've only heard the phrase used in Britain and so find it interesting that Frog Hair is an American term. While researching, I even found a golf course in Williamsville, New York called the Frog Hair. Looks like an awesome place!

I've already hinted at my dominant golf shot – the slice – but there are some other shots, named for animals, which are equally ineffectual at letting you make progress towards the hole. The Duck Hook is a favorite. Not one I've employed myself, but my sister manages a few every 18 holes. This shot hooks sharply and looses altitude quickly; much like a duck would if it was hooked from the sky. Since my sister is left-handed, her Duck Hook complements my right-handed slice beautifully. Always exciting to play multiple fairways for one hole. There is something that makes this shot particularly enjoyable for the golfing foursome. It is considered appropriate golf etiquette for the Duck Hookers other 3 companions to Quack loudly when this shot is played. If you aren't up to quacking yourself, perhaps you may wish to purchase a duck to do it for you.

A second shot with an animal name is the Worm Burner. This shot is not always unproductive, but it is usually unintentional. A worm burner has such a low trajectory that it appears to be skimming the ground. In my case, it actually is skimming the ground. I wouldn't mind these shots that much (they do make straight, forward progress) if I didn't hit them just as I've reached the water hazard. Scientific note: If hit with enough velocity, a wormburner can skip across water, inspiring just the right amount of hope before it finds the murkiest, deepest part of the hazard in which to sink.

Regardless of your ability, sometimes it's just better to be lucky. Check out this shot by Fuzzy Zoeller.

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