Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meet the Staff

25% of the dogs that enter an animal shelter are purebred. Luke was one of those 25%. His original owner released him to the shelter, complaining that the dog was untrainable. On the shelter's release form, this man admitted that his method of training was hitting/kicking the 8lb miniature pinscher. In frustration at the dog's lack of obedience, this owner finally chained the dog outside, 24 hours a day. That isn't a life for any animal, let alone one so small and delicate.

By the time Luke got to the shelter he was 10 months old and 4lbs underweight. Due to past treatment by his owner, Luke was classified with "issues" and slated for euthanasia. Back then our employee was a behavior specialist at the shelter. She knew with hard work, patience and love she could save this dog. Despite a self-made promise that she would not adopt, Luke joined her family. 3 years later he is a model (if mischievous) canine citizen.

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Anonymous said...

Here are my pups. They are the sweetest little guys in the world! They do find mischief though...

Here are links to their pics:

ToyTalker said...

I have a new kitten that I just adopted! Here's a link to his photo:


Michael said...

Such a sweet sweet baby! I would love to give you kisses on your face! This dog is almost as cute as this Pug stuffed animal.