Friday, May 20, 2016

1st Birthday Jungle Themed Party Ideas

Celebrating babys' first year is a big deal.Choosing a theme is quite difficult. The best themes to choose are jungle themed because they allow you to have more freedom on party supplies and ideas. We've collected a few items from our site that would work perfectly for a jungle birthday party.

Jungle Disposable Plates, $13.60

Jungle Cup, $ 14.35

Zebra Invitation, $7.79

Zebra Hanging Cutouts, $7.88

Giraffe Metallic Balloon, $7.10

Safari Adventure Tablecover, $8.82

Safari Adventure Centerpiece, $8.28

Giraffe Print Round Mylar Balloon, $6.17

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Jellyfish Discovered near Marina Trench

image from here

Scientist have discovered a rare jellyfish that has never been seen before. The jellyfish had bright light gonads, two sets of tentacles, long and short, that extend from its pulsating bell. When the long tentacles are extended outward, the jellyfish's bell remains still. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Did you know? Crab-Eating Macaque

Did you know that the crab-eating macaque eats crabs?

Did you know that the crab-eating macaque troops are centered around the female crab-eating macaques? 

Did you know that the crab-eating macaques were used as the laboratory animal for the research and development of the polio vaccine?

 Did you know that some believe that the Crab-eating macaque is responsible for the extinction of forest birds and the destruction of agriculture?