Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Animals Who are Extinct Because of Hunting

Over the years Humans and corporations have played a huge part in unethical decisions in terms of the environmental issues on the planet. Global warming and pollution is at an all time high and sadly it's affecting the animals around us. Each day animals are constantly hunted for animal parts that are believed to be of value. Some people hunt for sport and others for money. Let's take a closer look at a few animals who are extinct because of hunting.

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Northern White Rhinoceros - It's not old news that Rhinos have been hunted for their horns. In parts like South Africa it is believed that the horns can cure cancer and fevers. Which of course in untrue. According to researchers there are only 3 Northern White Rhinoceros on this earth. Sadly there is not much we can do to save the species unless they reproduce. Some of the sperm has been frozen and the San Diego Zoo in California is planning on implanting them into Southern white rhinoceros.

Elephants - Elephants are known for their ivory tusks. Ivory is used for manufacturing and art. It is quite popular in South East Asia and China. Because of this demand poachers are constantly killing elephants. It is recorded that every hour 5 African elephants are killed.

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Bengal Tigers - As the national animal of India and Bangladesh it has the largest Tiger species. Countries like India, Nepal and China have failed to implement laws to stop poaching. These countries work in conjunction to tan, kill and trade the fur and bones. The Chinese use the Bengal Tigers bones for herbal medicines.

Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna - Many people don't know that this fish is becoming rare to find. Due to the high demands for the Sushi industry has led to over fishing. The Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna is heavily prized for its taste. It's used for sushi and sashimi. European nations are said to be responsible for over fishing and in 2010 is was banned by European officials.

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Pangolian - The Pangolian is rarely talked about but is on the top list of the most hunted animal in the world. This interesting creature is the only mammal to be completely covered in scales. Pangolian scales are said to cure acne and cancer. When threatened the Pangolian will roll up and their scales will shoot out. These scales are razor sharp. Also Pangolians will release an acid scent to scare off their predators. Similar to a skunk. In Asia and Africa thousands are Pangolians are hunted and killed for their meat and scales.

Sadly all we can do to prevent these animals from going extinct are educating our peers and refusing to buy products from companies or brands that endorse poaching or the use of these materials. It's important for us to know that we are contributing to these animals becoming extinct. Lets do our part and educate others on animals who are extinct because of hunting.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Which Animals Sweat?

We know how animals keep their cool during the heat. So which animals sweat? Science shows that Humans carry two sweat glands. One type that you can see on the top layer of your skin to regulate your body temperature. The second is a forms into droplets. Imagine areas like your armpits. Most animals do have this sort of sweat gland but mostly around the face and mouth and anus. 

Dogs and Cats
Sweat glands are located on their foot pads. This is called an apocrine gland to help them cool off. 

Horses sweat to keep their body cools. A part of the horse's brain called the hypothalamus senses the increase. It sends signals rushing out to sweat glands distributed in his skin.

Genetically apes are the closest to humans. They also sweat around their armpits just like humans.

Bats keep cool using their tounge but are mammals and sweat as well. 

Other animals that sweat
sloth, lemurs

Do you know any other animals that sweat? Let us know in the comments below.