Monday, April 14, 2008

Animals in Golf

Congratulations to Trevor Immelman! He stayed steady and focused and now wears the coveted Green Jacket. There were some attempts to answer my little animal nickname quiz, but nobody got them all, so here goes:

The Tiger (who came in second yesterday) was born Eldrick Woods. His father nicknamed him Tiger and he's now had his name legally changed to Tiger Woods.

The Walrus is Craig Stadler. He earned the nickname due to his enormous moustache that looks much like the walrus's whiskers, or vibrissae. A walrus relies on its whiskers to find food on the muddy bottom of the ocean. Wonder if Stadler uses his to strain his soup?

The Pink Panther is LPGA player, Paula Creamer. Her play is smooth, powerful and focused, much like a panther on the prowl. Since she frequently wears pink, it seems only natural to tag her with a colorful moniker.

The Golden Bear is Jack Nicklaus. He earned the nickname in high school. Upper Arlington High's mascot was the Golden Bear. Of course his powerful swing and his golden hair may have had something to do with it as well.

The Big Cat is another player from the LPGA. Kim Williams is 6ft tall.

The Great White Shark is Greg Norman. His white-blonde hair, and the fact that he comes from Australia, made his nickname easy.

Greg Norman, like other pro-golfers, has used his nickname to create an industry of sportswear, golf accessories, golf courses, etc. You can find almost anything you need for the game with his unmistakable shark logo on it. But, I wonder if Greg has one of these on the back of his golf cart?

I know I'm trying to find a "Beware of the Jungle" one for myself!

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