Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies

Happy Halloween! All month, in the spirit of Halloween, we've been writing about scary animals like bats and "monsters of the deep" and animals with terrifying fangs. Today we're finishing out the month with a list of the Top 10 scariest animal movies. Even the most ardent animal lovers will get chills when watching these evil creatures!

10. Lake Placid: A crocodile that can bite your leg off is bad enough, but a giant crocodile that can snap you in half is much, much worse.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | Lake Placid

9. Anaconda: This animal is scary enough in real life, measuring at more than 22 feet long and able to swim at high speeds. An anaconda that has a taste for human flesh and kills without warning? That's much scarier.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | Anaconda

8. Piranha: Nothing can ruin a summer day relaxing on the lake worse than a swarm of mutant, man-eating piranhas! One, you might have a chance of fighting off. But an entire swarm? You're doomed.

7. Pet Semetary: A beloved feline is brought back from the dead by a well-meaning father. As much as every parent has wanted to do this to spare their children the sorrow of a dead pet, we see why it's not a good idea. Though the cat only kills birds and mice, he is the foreshadowing of something much more sinister.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | Pet Semetary

6. Congo: Everyone would be scared to run into a gorilla in a jungle. After all, they're large and can take you out with one swipe if they wanted to. But add killer instincts to that, and you have some VERY scary primates!

5. Cujo: A pet Saint Bernard goes from Fido to man eater on a killing spree after he gets rabies, and terrorizes a town (and traps his owners in their car). Man's best friend? We don't think so.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | Cujo

4.The Birds: One of the earliest examples of "man versus nature" films, this Alfred Hitchcock classic turned seemingly innocent animals into mass murderers. The flapping of wings has never sounded so scary. Admit it: Even now, when you see any large gathering of birds, you  get a bit spooked out.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | The Birds

3. Jurassic Park: OK, so technically dinosaurs aren't animals but they were at one time and we think they fit in with the list. After seeing the T-Rex going after the car, or the raptors hunting the kids in the kitchen, who didn't pause to give thanks that dinosaurs are extinct?

2. Arachnophobia: How many of you had trouble sleeping the night after watching this movie because you kept feeling spiders crawling up your legs? This movie makes us look at every little spider as a serious threat.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | Arachnophobia

1. Jaws: It's the movie that made an entire generation of movie-goers afraid to go into the water. The shark is "Jaws" is a hunter, a relentless killing machine and he's not afraid to get close to the shore for his next meal.
The Top 10 Scariest Animals In Movies | Jaws

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