Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Get Your Pet To Wear A Halloween Costume

Many pet owners just can't resist dressing up their pets for Halloween and we fully support that! We love pet costumes parades and seeing your pugs as pirates, your cats as cops, your... fish as fairies? But it's not always easy to get your pet to willingly wear their costumes. Our friends from CostumeHub.com have some great tips on how to get your pet to wear a Halloween costume that we wanted to share!

TheJungleStore.com | How To Get Your Pet To Wear A Halloween Costume
Pets in Halloween costumes, one of our favorite parts of the holiday!
  • Spend some time getting your dog used to wearing a costume. Start with smaller items, like sunglasses, hats, etc. Work your way up to an entire costume. If the costume has several pieces, introduce the costume in pieces.
  • Make sure the costume fits. Even the most patient dog isn’t going to wear a costume that is too tight or uncomfortable or will make him too hot. Also make sure your pet is able to see, walk and wag his tail.
  • Give him treats for wearing the costume. If he learns that wearing the costume = treats, he will be more willing to wear it.
  • Don’t try to force it. Making a dog wear something that he doesn’t like won’t make him like the costume more. In fact, it will do the opposite.
Do you have any other tips and tricks to share with fellow pet owners? Leave them in the comments section.

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Serge said...

These tips would definitely be helpful for those who plan on making their pets wear a costume as well as several pieces of accessories.