Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Raining Cats & Dogs... And Halloween Fun

Inspired by the success of our "Lions, tigers and bears" costume post, we went in search on another easy, fun DIY Halloween costume idea for our readers. And we found it (on Pinterest of course)! Check out this cute getup:

It's raining cats and dogs! How fun is that? And The Jungle Store has everything, every single piece, that you'll need to recreate this look.

We have all breeds of stuffed dogs available, from Australian Shepherds to Yorkshire Terriers.

And the same goes for our selection of stuffed cats. We have black, white, orange and grey cats, as well as calico and tabby cats.

And we even have matching sets of rain boots, rain coats and umbrellas, all from the wonderful brand Stephen Joseph.

What do you think of this Halloween costume idea, readers? If you decide to do it, please send us pictures!

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