Friday, October 19, 2012

My, What Sharp Teeth You Have

Long, sharp fangs. Rows and rows of glistening teeth. You have to admit, it's the stuff horror movies are made up. It's also the stuff found in nature, as evidenced by these animals that all have scary teeth.

The gharial is a member of the crocodile family native to the southern region of Asia. Its long snout houses approximately 25 to 30 interlocking, razor-sharp upper and lower teeth on each side

The Goliath tigerfish can get up to a maximum size of 5 feet and 154 pounds. But its person-like size isn't the scariest part. That would be the large, dagger-like teeth in its mouth which can slice a catfish in half.

The hagfish use their scary-looking teeth to pull off hunks of flesh from larger fish. They not only feed on the outsides, but can also enter the inside of the fish and eat them from the inside - sometimes while the other fish is still alive!

Hyenas have powerful jaws; they use their teeth to catch their prey rather than their claws. Their teeth are sharp but also strong enough to crack and chew bones.

Those little nips your dog gives you doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

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