Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scary Pictures Of Cute Animals

All animals are cute, in some way or another. Even those that are typically put in the "not cute, cuddly or adorable" category have their moments. But even the cutest, fluffiest animals have bad days. Mean days. Days when you wouldn't want to pet them, hold them or even see them on the other side of a bullet-proof zoo enclosure window. We present to you Scary Pictures Of Cute Animals!

Let's start with the husky. They're proud dogs; pretty dogs known for their piercing blue eyes. Here's a fun shot of a husky giving a sassy pose for the camera:

And here's a husky frolicking in the snow, isn't he adorable?

 And here's a husky that's plotting to murder you in your car.
Aack! Hope you have some treats in your car to soothe this angry dog.

 Now we move on to the koala bear, arguably the cutest "bear" there is.

Aww, here's a sleeping koala bear! Seriously, how sweet is that?

And, oh sweet Jesus, this koala bear is angry at the world and wants to rip your heart out of your chest! 
 Run. Run far and run fast.

Moving on to the ostrich. Not your typically "cute" animal, but look! Here's one peering inquisitively at the camera, isn't that fun?

And here's an ostrich smiling for the camera, how nice.

And here's an ostrich that... is coming straight at you with its devil teeth! Duck and cover! 
This is the stuff nightmares are made of, are we right?

Whew, OK, moving on. Here's another animal that's not often thought of as cute: the possum. But look how sweet this one peeping out of a tree is!

 And look, this one's climbing on a pumpkin! Doesn't he seem to be saying "Take me home! I'm lovable!"?

And this possum.... wants to chew your face off and leave you for dead.
Oh possum, we were so close to helping you win over peoples' hearts. Sigh. 

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Anonymous said...

Very cute/scary! One note though, ostriches do not have teeth. That is a photo shopped image of either canine or feline teeth.