Friday, November 2, 2012

What The Heck Is That?

Did you see something that you just couldn't explain or even begin to comprehend what it might be? That's how we felt we first laid eyes on this creature. For those missing the thrills and chills of Halloween, this little guy can sure give you a scare!

It's an aye-aye, a rare animal that is found only on the island of Madagascar. To be fair, this is a baby aye-aye whose fur hasn't fully grown in yet; they do get a little cuter when they get older. A little...
They don't look like it but aye-ayes are primates, relatives to chimpanzees, apes and yes, humans. They have opposable big toes that help them dangle from branches. The aye-aye is also distinguished by its big eyes and bushy tail, which is longer than its body.

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