Monday, April 23, 2012

Not All Bugs Are Nasty

When most people think of bugs and insects, it's usually not very pleasant. They think of creepy, crawly and all-around-icky things that deserve to be squashed. But not all bugs are created equal, and not all bugs are ugly.

A photo roundup from showed us that some bugs are just as cute, if not cuter, than puppies and kittens! Sound hard to believe? Take a look for yourself...

The Big-Eyed Caterpillar
These eyes are used to deter predators. When the caterpillar feels threatened, it can contract its head segments, which makes the eyes appear bigger and the caterpillar look more dangerous.

The Pink Lady Katydid
This bug gets it bright hue from a genetic condition that makes them bright pink instead of the normal green. They're very pretty and very rare to spot.

The Human-Face Beetle
The face-like designs on this bug's back help it evade predators. While they ponder whether it's a meal or an enemy, the beetle has time to get away.

To see the full list of cute bugs, click here. And PS, is home to some pretty cute bugs and insects too...

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