Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cats Imitating Art

When you think about cats, there are several things that instantly pop into your mind. Furry. Purring. Meowing when they want food or attention. Coming up for pets and then biting your hand when they’ve had enough. But you’ve probably never thought about their artistic sides.

What’s that, you didn’t realize cats were artistic? Neither did we, until we saw this article from that showed us some excellent examples of cats imitating famous paintings. Take a look at some of our favorites…

 "Romeo And Juliet" by Ford Madox Brown (1870)

"Apple, Peaches, Pears, And Grapes" by Paul Cezanne (1879)

"Women In Blue Dress" by Richard Edward Miller (1909)

"Grande Odalisque" by Ingres (1814)

"Self Portrait Yawning" by Joseph Ducreux (1780)

To see the rest of this gallery, click here. And let us know if your cat imitates any famous pieces of artwork – we want to see it!

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