Monday, April 9, 2012

The Fennec What?

Let’s play a guessing game. What type of animal do you think this cute little guy is? A large-eared Chihuahua? A mini hyena? Maybe some kind of exotic cat?

The correct answer is: fox. Fennec fox to be specific. Characterized by their noticeably large and pointed ears, fennec foxes are most commonly found in the Central Sahara desert. They are nocturnal animals, hunting for rodents, insects, birds and bird eggs. They also eat a lot of vegetation, a good source of water for them in the desert.

Fennec foxes are one of the few wild animals that can be easily domesticated, partly due to their their small size (smaller than most housecats) and their friendly nature. However, they have a very high energy level and some habits, like storing food in case of feminine and trying to burrow into furniture, which can cause problems.

Want a cute little fennec fox of your own, but afraid your household couldn’t handle that kind of pet? The Jungle Store has this sweet little stuffed fennec fox from Wild Republic! He won't tear apart your couch cushions, and he's just $13.99!

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