Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Cats - Unlucky Or Misjudged?

Today is Friday the 13th, which is the day when you're supposed to carry your lucky rabbits foot, be careful around mirrors, avoid walking underneath any ladders and make sure not to let any black cats cross your path.

Why did black cats get such a bad rap? Why not tabby cats or calico cats? Why is it the poor black cats that get all the negative attention? Blog | Black Cats - Unlucky Or Misjudged?

According to Wikipedia, it's actually just certain Western cultures that have painted the black cat as a symbol of bad luck. They're a symbol of good luck in Great Britain, Ireland, and Japan and the Scottish think it's a sign of prosperity if a black cat shows up at your home. Blog | Black Cats - Unlucky Or Misjudged?

There are other examples of how black cats have historically been associated with good luck. Sailors, if they were thinking about bring a "ship cat" on board, would want a black one. Some sailors wives even kept black cats at home. And in ancient Egypt, where they worshiped the cat goddess Bastet, it was believe that hosting a black cat in your home would help you gain favor with the goddess.

So the next time you see a black cat cross your path, don't be scared! These raven-haired felines aren't unlucky at all... if anything, they're just a little unloved. Blog | Black Cats - Unlucky Or Misjudged?
Come on, does this guy really look scary to you?

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