Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet the Staff

Even though you don't have to own a pet to work at The Jungle Store, all of us do. We thought it might be fun for you to meet us by meeting the animals we share our lives with.

Spatch is a Liver-spotted Dalmatian. He lives with our Purchasing Manager. Spatch got his name because he's not just spotted but patchy as well. Spatch is something of an acrobat. Not only does he fancy a bounce on the trampoline, the more children that join him the better, but he climbs fences. Really. Spatch specializes in chain link. He puts his paws into the metal rungs and uses the fence itself as a ladder. A clever trick unless you want him to stay in the yard.

You could see how Spatch's skill with ladders (even improvised ones) may be a help to firefighters, but that isn't what made the breed a firehouse fixture. Dalmatians were originally used as carriage dogs because they have a natural affinity for horses. Horses were less skittish in new surroundings if they had their Dalmatian with them. This came in especially handy when dealing with the noise and tumult of a fire scene. As an added bonus, the Dalmatian's white coat made them easier to see at night or in smoke-filled conditions.

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Stephanie said...

What a great story! I would love to have a dog like that!