Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

True, the Jungle Store Blog devotes itself to animal facts and information, and a Leprechaun isn't an animal. But it isn't human either, so let's have some fun.

Leprechauns inhabit an eldritch realm. They have been linked to Irish Folk culture for centuries and are a traditional symbol of St. Patrick's day. This Irish Fairy resembles an old man who stands no more than 2 feet tall. He is frequently seen dressed as a cobbler with a cocked hat and leather apron. Leprechauns are solitary, cantankerous and reserved. They spend their days making shoes. If someone wishes to find a leprechaun, he must follow the sound of the leprechaun's hammer. You may wonder why anyone would wish to find a leprechaun, seeing as how they are so unpleasant. Leprechauns are known to horde pots of gold and they hide them away in secret places. If you catch a leprechaun, he must reveal his treasure to you, but only if you maintain eye contact with him. If, for a moment, you lose attention and look away, (and the leprechaun will work very hard to make sure this happens), this Irish fairy will disappear like a morning mist.

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