Thursday, March 20, 2008

Roosters And Easter

Easter is almost here. There are many symbols and traditions that surround this most holy of Christian holidays. Now until Sunday, we'll be looking at the significance of Animals in the holiday.

The Rooster is placed on the steeple of churches in The Netherlands instead of a cross. Peter denied Christ three times before the rooster crowed. Therefore the rooster is used to remind Christians not to deny Christ.

Roosters are smart, strong and aggressive birds. They truly will "rule" a barnyard, perching in a central, elevated place to keep careful watch over their hens and nests. If danger is sighted, the rooster will sound a loud alarm and then confront the interloper, prepared to fight. Fights to the death among roosters are not uncommon. Why do roosters crow at dawn? The same reason they crow at other times of the day or night. They are letting all other roosters know that this is their territory and it is best to keep away!


Anonymous said...

I did not know that! It is wonderful, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in a small town in Maine, I was fortunate to be exposed to some rather unique experiences. My parents went into the egg business---thus hens and at least one proud rooster. One, (human or otherwise), did not mess with the rooster. He protected his flock at all costs. Gathering the eggs became quite a challenge.
I had never heard of the religious connection to the rooster. Thanks.