Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best in Group

We have some Winners! Westminster Kennel Club held 4 “Best in Group” competitions last night, paving the way towards Tuesday night’s Best in Show.

A 15 inch Beagle named Uno took the blue ribbon in the Hound Group. Beagles are sturdy, merry little dogs bred to hunt with men on foot. They are a scent hound of high intelligence and gentle disposition.

Charmin, the Sealyham Terrier won in the Terrier Group. Sealyham’s were bred as badger and fox hunters for land-owners in the Pembrokeshire county of Wales. Sealys are very workmanlike, but their fearless manner relaxes when the workday is done and they become a playful, friendly dog.

The white Standard Poodle, Remi, may have said "merci" to the judge who gave her Best in Group for the Non-Sporting Group. Although brought to fashion in France, poodles are German in origin and were used as water dogs, gundogs, and cart dogs. When they got to France, the poodle became more of a companion dog, and miniature and toy varieties came into prominence. The poodle is sweet tempered and intelligent.

An Australian Shepherd named Duece won the last competition of the night, taking the Herding Group. The Australian Shepherd actually originated in the United States where cattlemen in the west found a need for a loyal, attentive and agile dog who possessed both speed and stamina. Recognized as an official breed in the 1950s, the Aussie Shepherd has gained rapid popularity across the States, Europe and Australia.

The pictures are not of the actual winners. They are just representatives of the breed. Thanks to Mary R. Vogt for the photo of the Aussie Shepherd

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