Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leaping Animals

Did you know Kangaroos can't walk backwards? But we're not celebrating walking - backwards or otherwise. We're celebrating LEAPING, and kangaroos can definitely do that!

Red kangaroos, (the biggest kangaroo species), can reach leaping speeds of over 40 mph. Each bound propels them well over 25 feet - forward. Surprisingly, when a kangaroo increases its speed, it does not need to increase its effort. The large, stretchy tendons located in the roo's hind legs perform an elastic-like function. It is the spring action of the tendon that produces the leap, not the muscles. The kangaroo is built to cover a lot of ground efficiently, and comfortably "cruises" along at speeds of 23mph. They ramp up to that speed quickly and maintain it for miles.

Watch the effortlessness of this little kangaroo.

We've just included other interesting facts about the kangaroo on our Animal Facts page. Click on the word link to read more.

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