Monday, May 21, 2012

Rare Calico Lobster Found In Restaurant Tank

An extremely rare (we're talking a 1-in-30 million specimen) calico lobster was recently found in Maine, in the 1,200 gallon lobster tank at Jasper White's Summer Shack Restaurant, to be exact. The lobster was rescued from becoming dinner after the staff noticed it's unusual orange and yellow coloring.

It was a bit of good fortune that save the lobster, which Chef Jasper named Calvin, from the boiling pot. As he told The Boston Globe: "We happened to be cleaning the tank and I happened to be there," White, who has presided over a number of Boston restaurants since the late 1970s, said last week. "One of my guys said, ‘Chef, look at this lobster,' and from across the room I knew it was special."

Calvin was picked up by the New England Aquarium and will eventually make a permanent residence at the Biomes Marine Biology Center in Rhode Island. The calico lobster is the second most rare lobster, coming behind only the white lobster which are an estimated 1-in-100 million specimen.

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