Friday, May 18, 2012

Endangered Species Day

Did you know that today is Endangered Species Day? It was started by the U.S. Senate to raise awareness about the American species that are getting closer and closer to extinction.

Endagered animal: Red Wolf
What can you do to help our country's endangered animals? has a list of 10 things you can do to help protect endangered species. It includes:
  • Visiting a national wildlife refuge or park. These are protected lands and provide safe habitats for wildlife. One of the best way to protect animals is by providing them a safe place to live, so supporting these places helps support the animals' habitats.
  • Don't buy any products made from an endangered species. As much fun as getting souvenirs is when traveling, many souvenirs are made from animals that are nearing extinction, like crocodile skin and tortoise shell.
    Endangered Animal: Pygmy Raccoon
There are approximately 6,500 species in the United States that scientists believe are at risk for extinction, but only 1,200 are officially unlisted as threatened or endangered. That's a lot of animals that we could lose! For more ways to get invovled, visit the website to learn how you can take action today!

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