Thursday, September 8, 2011

World Record Steer

The Ankole-Watusi, a breed of cattle native to Africa, is not particularly large for a cow. Usually weighing no more than 1,600lbs, many cattle breeds can grow larger and heavier. What makes Watusi cattle distinctive are their large, usually upswept horns that are used for self defense. And although many breeds of cattle have horns, none have ever topped those of a Watusi steer named Lurch in terms of sheer mass.
Photo: Rocky Ridge Refuge
Lurch was adopted at 5 weeks old in 1995 by Janice Wolf, founder of the wonderful Rocky Ridge Animal Refuge in Arkansas. By the time he had reached three years of age Lurch had already broken the Guinness World Record for largest horn circumference, but he wasn’t done growing. Before his passing in 2010 Lurch’s horns had exceeded 38 inches in circumference and measured nearly eight feet tip to tip. It is estimated that each horn weighed over 100lbs.
Photo: Rocky Ridge Refuge
To find out more about Lurch and the Rocky Ridge Refuge where he spent his life you can visit their website.

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