Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's TV Star - The Blacktip Reef Shark

If you caught today’s episode of The Martha Stewart Show, and we hope you did, you may have noticed one particular plush shark used in the stuffed animal craft segment had signature black fins; the blacktip reef shark
The real blacktip reef shark is a relatively small shark common to the shallow, warm waters near coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Although they mimic their larger cousins in appearance, blacktip reef sharks are rarely more than five feet long and are quite timid around humans.
Easily identified by the black tips on their fins, these sharks feed on a large variety of small fish and squid that make their homes in and around reefs. However, due to their small size, blacktip reef sharks are sometimes preyed upon by larger bony fishes such as groupers.

Because these sharks live in shallow waters close to shore, interactions with humans are frequent. Divers are encouraged to swim fully submerged rather than wading through the water when blacktip reef sharks are present. The sharks will almost always flee in the presence of a diver, but can mistake a wading swimmer’s leg for a meal.
Though not endangered, the blacktip reef shark is considered nearly threatened. They have extremely low reproductive rates, and are overfished in some areas. In addition, their fearsome appearance and modest size make them a popular addition to large aquariums.

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