Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picture Of The Week - Frosty Faceplant

You might notice a striking similarity between last week's Picture Of The Week and today's. No, that fox isn't actually face-planting into the snow. He's diving into, hunting for mice. Blog | Red Fox In Snow

This amazing photo is just one in a sequence caught by Tin Man Lee during a trip to Yellowstone National Park. He told The Daily Mail: 'I never knew the fox could jump so high and fast - I was in awe,' he said. 'The fox completely ignored my existence.'

'After waiting to see one in six days we couldn't believe it when it decided to hunt right in front of us,' he said. 'We were extremely lucky - it was a dream come true.'

See the sequence of events as they unfolded right before Lee. Blog | Red Fox In Snow Blog | Red Fox In Snow Blog | Red Fox In Snow Blog | Red Fox In Snow Blog | Red Fox In Snow

Red foxes typically hunt rodents. Their extraordinary sense of sound helps them hunt; they can hear mice squeaking from approximately 300 feet away and can locate noises within one degree. To read more about Lee's photos, click here.

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