Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Buffalo Whisperer

If you get frustrated by the amount of hair and general messes left behind by your dogs or cats, just think about this: RC Bridges has to clean up after his two pet bison. Yes, bison.

RC, nicknamed "The Buffalo Whisperer" and his wife, Sherron, share their home with not one but two bison. Can you imagine having that pet try to sit on your lap while your watching TV?! Though RC says he isn't afraid of his pets hurting him or his family, bison are not typically known to make good pets; even though they can be domesticated, they still retain many of their wild traits.

According to The Daily Mail, RC is a cowboy who worked with buffaloes most of his life. When he lost an eye in 2004 he had to sell his herd, but kept Wildthing as a pet. A second buffalo, Bullet,  was taken in after a friend could no longer control her. To get the full story on the Buffalo Whisper, click here.

Images via Barcroft Media.

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