Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pics Of The Week - Photobombing Animals

If you haven't heard the phrase "photobomb" before, we'll give you a quick vocabulary lesson. A photobomb is when a person or group of people get into a picture right before it's taken, usually in the background, without the people having their picture taken knowing. However, some photobombs are more obvious, especialy when animals are involved.

Take a look at these funny shots of animal photobombers, getting in the way of their owners' (and fellow pets') photos, featured on's list of "Great Animal Photobombers Of All Time".

This photobombing squirrel pictures is the one that started it all, the first evidence of photobombing to go viral on the Interenet!

Photobombing pigeon doesn't want you to take your picture in front of this cathedral.

This photobombing fish thinks kissing underwater is gross. And tacky.

Possibly the best wedding picture ever taken. Seriously, we'd rent a llama just so we could get this shot at our weddings!

It was all Felix could do to get a nice, serious shot of himself without Mr. Whiskers always jumping in the way.

Visit to see the full gallery of epic animal photobombers.

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