Monday, August 6, 2012

Silkies - The Fluffiest Chickens Of Them All

When we found this image on Pinterest, we just had to know what these unusual-looking birds were! The answer: Silkies.

Silkies are a breed of chicken known for their fluffy feathers, which are said to feel like - obviously - silk. But this isn't the only thing that makes Silkies stand out from other chickens. They are also have five toes instead of four and black or grayish skin, bones and earlobes! Can you imagine having that chicken for dinner?

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, despite their dark meat, silkies are considered a gourmet cuisine in several Asian countries.

The Silkies that don't make it into the oven are often kept as pets. Silkies are known for their friendly and mild-mannered temperaments (plus, imagine how much fun it would be to pet them!).

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