Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picture Of The Week - That Stings!

We have to admit we get a little squirmy when we look at this picture (and apologies if it makes you feel a bit squeamish too) but we had to share because it's such a unique picture. In fact, it's the only picture of its kind.

This picture shows a honeybee flying away after stinging a man, with its stinger lodged in the man's arm and abdominal tissue trailing from its body. Honeybees have barbed stingers that tear loose when stuck in a victim's skin, which results in their death minutes later.

The photo was taken by Kathy Garvey, who works with the UC Davis Department of Entomology. She estimates she's taken 1 million photos of bees over her lifetime, but as far as she knows this is the only documented picture of a bee sting like this to exist.

Read more how she got the photo here.

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