Friday, July 6, 2012

Pillow Pets - A Perfect Traveling Companion

We could on and on about how comfortable and snuggly our Pillow Pets are, but it's always better to hear it from a parent who's been there, done that with her own children. La Jolla Mom recently posted about her experience with the Lulu Leopard Pillow Pet on an overseas trip. Check out some excerpts from her review:
A small My Pillow Pet usually travels with us, but I was interested in taking the large size on our recent long haul flight to Asia. Airplane pillows, even in first class, are not as comfortable as a My Pillow Pet (especially the large size) and I believe that familiar items like pillows, blankets and pajamas help kids sleep on airplanes while traveling.
The blanket has a Lulu Leopard head on it, which she also cuddles with. Not only does Lulu’s head provide extra cushion, but it enables her to keep the blanket from slipping off by holding it or I’d snap the seat belt just underneath the head to totally secure it.

In all honesty, I thought carrying around a large Pillow Pet was going to be a pain. It wasn’t, because she willingly did it and was able to wear a backpack and pull her Trunki at the same time. Let’s recap the benefits:
  • Kids can prop My Pillow Pets up against the airplane armrests to use them as pillows. 
  • La Jolla Girl used to wake up bumping against the armrest while shifting positions in her seat.
  • They’re much more comfortable than airplane pillows, if you even get one.
  • My Pillow Pets provide familiarity in an unfamiliar space.
  • The 18″ size is supportive enough to substitute for a real pillow.
  • Lulu’s head on the blanket helps keep the blanket in place when you buckle the seat belt just under it.
  • They’re pretty cute.
After reading that, a Pillow Pet seems like a road trip/travel accessory, doesn't it? To see our selection of Pillow Pets blankets and throws, click here!

Top photo and review excerpts via La Jolla Mom.

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