Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Use Safari Limited Toys In Educational Learning

We came across this post from the Blessed Elements site and just had to share! The author, a grandma, wrote about how she uses different Safari Limited figurines and Toobs each summer to have fun with her grandchildren while also teaching them lessons about different subject!

"One year it was pirates and we ended the week with a day long water fight extravaganza.Three years ago it was butterflies joined with planting butterfly flowers,crafts, and a field trip to a live butterfly exhibit," she writes. Blog | Safari Ltd. Rain Forest Toob

This year her lessons plans focus on the rainforest. Here are some of the ways she uses her Safari Limited toys:
  • For animal recognition. She uses the figurines to show the kids the different animals and teach them about which part of the rainforest they live in. Blog | Safari Ltd. Tropical Bird Figurines
  • To add a hands-on element to the lesson. The kids not only see the animals, but can pick them up and study the details of them. Blog | Safari Ltd. Tree Frog Figurines
Red-Eyed Tree Frog figurines

  • Encouraging imaginative play. The kids love to play with the figurines, creating their own stories for the animals.

Want to try something similar with your children or grandchildren? With the range of Safari Limited products, you can teach them about everything from the Civil War to dinosaurs to farm animals. Visit our website to see our selection of Safari Limited figurines and toys!

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