Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Great Dane - Gentle Giant

Though not typically as large and heavy as some mastiffs and St. Bernard’s, Great Danes are nonetheless the best known of the giant dog breeds. Their easygoing temperament and playful nature has made them an extremely popular and enduring breed, with evidence of their existence dating back some 5000 years.

Adult male Great Danes usually stand 30-34 inches high at the shoulders and weigh 120-200lbs, with females being slightly smaller and lighter. However, some Great Danes can grow significantly larger. The current Guinness record holder for world’s tallest dog is a six year old blue male from Arizona named Giant George. George stands 43 inches tall at the withers and weighs 245lbs, making him both the tallest living dog and tallest dog ever recorded.
Giant George
Though originally bred for boar hunting, Great Danes are now primarily considered companion pets. Their personalities can make them ideal family dogs even around children. However, owners must establish a strong pack leader position early on with this breed, as Danes don’t stay small for long and can otherwise think of themselves as giant lap dogs; something some owners have no problem with!
Image via DanesOnline

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