Friday, July 22, 2011

All-Terrain Tortoise

A report from the Associated Press caught my eye this morning. This past spring a resident of Lewiston, Idaho brought their African tortoise to Washington State University’s veterinary hospital due to a severely injured leg which unfortunately had to be amputated. Veterinarians wanted to make sure the tortoise would still be able to be mobile after the surgery, and they came up with a rather interesting solution.

Photo: AP/Henry Moore, Jr.
 Rather than an expensive prosthetic, the 23 pound tortoise named Gamera received a $7 office caster purchased at Ace Hardware. According to surgeons, the caster wheel, which is attached to the shell with epoxy, gives the animal its best chance for a long and healthy life. He appears to be recovering well and has taken to being referred to as the “all-terrain-tortoise”.
Photo: AP/Nicholas K. Geranios

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