Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's National June Bug Day!

As many of us spend our evenings relaxing outside this summer, we may receive all-too-frequent visits from the clumsy little Junebug. These inch-long beetles buzz about the night sky running into walls, getting in your hair, and doing just about anything they can to get to that oh-so-inviting porch light you have turned on.

Photo: Patrick Coin
 Named as they are because of the time of year they become most common, Junebugs are actually any one of over 260 species of New World scarab beetles (phyllophaga) that emerge from the ground (where they’ve been living as larvae for the past three years) every spring to look for food and a mate.

They might not be the cutest little creatures around; but relax, they’re harmless. Junebugs feed almost exclusively on tree leaves, and they don’t bite or sting. If you like to spend your summer evenings in the backyard, simply turning off any outside lights will cut down on the intrusion, as Junebugs are attracted to just about any light source. And if the buzzing gets to be too much for you, just remember that these little critters are only looking for love!

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