Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Amazing African Grey Parrot

We all know that parrots and other birds can learn to talk, and they will often learn and imitate sounds and phrases they’re exposed to. However, the African grey parrot is one bird that has demonstrated abilities far beyond just imitation.
This first video shows an African grey named Alex who actually demonstrated the ability to count and determine shapes and color when working with researchers. Unfortunately Alex is no longer with us, but other parrots have since demonstrated these amazing abilities.
This next video is all about having fun. Einstein the African grey parrot is a huge star for her ability to imitate and do impressions of all kinds of things…
As incredible as these birds are, they’re quite a commitment to own as pets. So before you decide that a parrot is right for you, consider that African greys can live to be 60 years old!

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