Monday, November 26, 2007

The Australian Bilby

The Bilby is also called the Rabbit-eared Bandicoot, Dalgyte or Pinkie. These marsupials are the size of rabbits, have gray fur, black and white tails, and have a pointed snout reminiscent of a shrew. These desert animals are nocturnal and eat insects, seeds, fungi, bulbs, fruit, and roots. They dig extensive burrows and can have up to 12 burrows in their home territory!

Once a widespread species, the bilby’s population and reach is on the decline. Conservation efforts are underway to help protect the bibly. The second Sunday in September in Australia is National Bilby Day, to raise funds for conservation projects. During Easter, chocolate bilbies are sold with portions of profits going to bilby research. To read more about the bilby, click here.

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