Monday, September 17, 2007

Not so medium

When I was looking for my last dog, I decided I definitely wanted a mixed breed. My previous dog had been an American Eskimo, and while beautiful, we’d had some problems with him. So I started going to the local pound and area shelters to find a medium size dog. What I found was a lot of “Kansas brown dogs.” I thought it was a cute label they’d come up with for non-identifiable breed mutts.

Eventually, I ended up at Wayside Waifs, a great shelter in Missouri. I fell in love with a German Shepard, golden lab (and probably something else) mix of puppies. Finally decided to take the female puppy home. She’ll be 3 in January and is a great dog. Even my cats like her. Notice though, she is NOT medium sized.

I was really impressed with the material Wayside Waifs sent home with us. We learned we might have been able to deal better with our previous dog’s behavior, if we’d known some of the dog facts they shared with us. It’s too much info to cover here, but they have a great article library, which also has links to other sites. Check it out if you are having any dog problems of your own.

Jungle Jane

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