Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Things To Put In Easter Eggs That Aren't Candy

Easter is filled with many fun things, but perhaps none are so tantalizing to a child as the candy. Large chocolate rabbits sit in their Easter baskets. Jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and eggs in every conceivable candy form sit inside plastic eggs waiting to be discovered.

The candy. Oh, the candy! For kids, it’s a dream. For parents, the thought of all that candy, and the inevitable sugar crash that comes later, is a nightmare. To avoid the “too much candy” meltdown, here are five fun, non-sugary things you can fill their Easter eggs with. | 5 Non-Candy Treats To Put Inside Easter Eggs

Safari Ltd. has a lot of small figurine sets to choose from, but we like this Butterflies Toob (very Spring-y) and the Piglets & Bunnies Toob (for obvious reasons).

Puzzle Pieces
No need for the fun to stop once the egg hunt is over! Put several pieces of a puzzle in different eggs, then have your kids put together the puzzle when they've found them all.

Funny Band-Aids
Kids LOVE covering themselves in Band-Aids, whether they need them or not. And with these silly rainbow monkey and tattoo bandages, the worst scrapes and boo-boos won't seem so bad.

Fake Mustaches
Just cut apart the individual fake mustaches in this fun set to fit them in the eggs, and then laugh as your kids try on their new "looks".

Silly Bandz
Are kids ever going to get over their love for Silly Bandz? We think not. You're kids will love to find the Rock Star and Baseball sets in their eggs.

Do you have any other suggestions for fun, non-candy Easter egg items? Let us know about them in the comments section!

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