Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pic Of The Week - Jellyfish In Space

This week's picture is one we took while visiting the Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium. It's a view of the jellyfish tank there, which we literally could have stared at for hours! It was so hypnotizing, and peaceful. The title of this post comes from the little white specks floating with the jellyfish... it really did seem like they were drifting along in outer space.

The colors you see are coming from the colored lights along the exhibit. They ranged from white to red to blue. It was a fun touch, we thought. Normally we only do one picture for our Pic Of The Week posts, but we had too many great jellyfish shots we wanted to share. Enjoy!

Apologies for the large image sizes, but going any smaller just didnt' do these pictures justice! To read our review of the Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium, click here.

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