Thursday, March 1, 2012

T-Rex Had Quite a Bite

As imposing as Tyrannosaurus Rex must have looked, some scientists have contended for years that it was likely a scavenger, not possessing the bite force to be an effective predator.
Photo: Christophe Hendrickx
However, new research is suggesting that this might not have been the case. According to National Geographic News, scientists have digitized T-Rex skulls and reconstructed them virtually to discover their true potential bite force, and the results have been surprising.  With the size of T-Rex’s jaw muscles, scientists estimate it could have generated over 12,000lbs of force at its back teeth; more than ten times the power of an alligator! If this is true, it would mean T-Rex possessed the strongest bite of any known land animal in history and most likely hunted for whatever it wanted!

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