Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Picassofish - Swimming Art

One of the most striking fish in the world is the Picassofish, also known as the lagoon triggerfish or the Jamal. Its striking splashes of color and high-set eyes are unmistakable and make this species a popular saltwater aquarium resident.

The range of the Picassofish consists of the many reefs near Hawaii, the Philippines and the coast of China. Picassofish are usually less than a foot long and feed on a variety of small fish and invertebrates. Like all triggerfish, the Picassofish has the ability to lock itself into crevices using the three spines on its dorsal fin. Once these spines are erected the fish cannot be dislodged without pressing the third “trigger” spine.
Picassofish can be quite aggressive towards anything that invades their territory, including divers attracted by their beautiful coloration. However, the small size of the Picassofish prevents it from being dangerous to humans.

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