Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidential Pets

Since it's President's Day, I thought I would share some of the more interesting presidential pets.

Thomas Jefferson owned two bear cubs which were a gift from Lewis and Clark.

John Quincy Adams had an American alligator.

Theodore Roosevelt owned a badger [Josiah], pig [Maude], zebra [unknown name] and a one-legged rooster [name unknown]. The photo is of a young Roosevelt with his pet parrot. 

Taft let two cows graze the White House Lawn. Their names were Mooly Wooly and Pauline Wayne. Unsure of which cow that is illustrated below. 

Calvin Coolidge by far had the best pets! Including but not limited to raccoons [Rebecca and Horace], donkey [Ebeneezer], bobcat [Smoky], lion cubs [Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau], pygmy hippo, wallaby, duiker, AND A BLACK BEAR! That is First Lady Grace Coolidge holding Rebecca the raccoon. 

Can any of you tell me the name of the newest first pooch?

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