Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is the Chupacabra Real?

There has been another chupacabra sighting, which increases the belief that this mythical creature could be real. The most recent was in Blanco, Texas when one of Jerry Ayer’s students put out rodent poison to kill whatever creature was disturbing a local barn. What they found the next day was what they claim to be a dead chupacabra. 

The chupacabra, up to this point, has been a matter of legend, like Big Foot or Yeti. It’s said to be a doglike creature that stands three to four feet tall with nauseating, red eyes. It’s distinctly known to suck the blood from its victims. Spottings in the past have resulted in DNA tests that prove the mythical creature is not real, and instead some sort of mutant coyote. Last summer, people spotted them in Cuero, Texas say what they saw was a Chupacabra because their chickens were killed but not eaten. It looked as if the blood had been drained out of them. Just another addition to the Chupacabra mystery ... but we’ll see if this newest one is real after yet another DNA test.

Here's a video from the recent sighting:

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