Monday, June 29, 2009

Make Room for Blue Crabs

The blue crab is named for its blue-tinted claws; however, its scientific name Callinectes sapidus, translates to “savory beautiful swimmer.” So, it's no surprise that blue crabs are the most harvested creatures in the world because of their well-liked, rich taste. They can be found in many regions from Uruguay to the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, in the Chesapeake Bay area (in the eastern United States), there have been several declines in the blue crab population due to their sensitivity to environmental changes. Because many of them are dying out, the populations that they feed on are growing and creating a negative impact on our ecosystem. As a result, many management systems are being set up to help better control the survival of the blue crab.

Bonus fact: Female blue crabs only mate once in their lives.

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