Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top Ten New Species of 2007 Named: Number Five and Six

Number Five: Central Ranges Taipan

This snake is one of the most venomous in the world. It was discovered in an arid region of Australia in 2007. It made the Top Ten New Species list because accurate identification of snake species can help with proper treatment of bites.

Number Six: Mindoro Stripe-Faced Fruit Bat

Found only on the Phillippine island of Mindoro, this large and charismatic fruit bat has helped advance research on endemic species of the area. It is nicknamed the "flying fox" for its foxlike face. While no population studies have been conducted on the species, it has been suggested that the Mindoro stripe-faced fruit bat may be threatened by hunting and habitat loss due to the general deforestation of forests on Mindoro. The bat is also hunted by the locals for use as food.

To see a slideshow of the top ten new species of 2007 named, visit National Geographic.

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