Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Mothers - Humans

These are two of the best mothers it has been my privilege to know. They’ve stayed with one mate, raised strong, resourceful daughters, and caring, gentle sons. They’ve kept their extended family “herds” intact and passed down a genetic predisposition to see the humor in life all while accomplishing their own personal goals and dreams. Not easy tasks, but these moms have made them appear effortless.

The mother on the left happens to be my mother. The mother on the right is my Mom’s best friend. (I’m honored to say she is one of my best friends too.) If you define mothering as the investment of time in the life and development of offspring, no animal can top the investment a human mother provides her child. Humans are the only species that commit to the process for a lifetime. That’s why having a Good Mother in your corner is such a great gift.
Thanks for the effort, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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