Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy National Ferret Day!

That's right, today is National Ferret Day! We honestly didn't know these little guys had a day dedicated all to themselves, but we are happy to celebrate them!

For those of you that have ferrets as pets, did you know that ferrets have been domesticated animals for 2,500 years? The majority of ferrets are kept as pets nowadays, although there are still some parts of the world where ferrets are used to hunt pesky rabbits.

Happy National Ferret Day!

A few other facts about ferrets: They are crepuscular animals, which means they sleep 14-18 hours each day (lucky them). They are most active around dusk and dawn, and when feeling excited or playful they do a move nicknamed the "weasel war dance." Ferrets are social animals, living in groups which are called a "business."

Want to learn more about ferrets? Then take a look at our Ferret Animal Facts page. And if you're a fellow ferret fan, check out the cute stuffed ferrets available at!
Ferret handpuppet from Folkmanis

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